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Scales and Scoundrels Definitive Edition Book 2: The Festival of Life

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KO Studios presents "Scales & Scoundrels: The Festival of Life" (Book 2 of 2) by Sebastian Girner

This is the story of a girl who liked to wander...

Following a tense standoff with her elders, Luvander sets off to find a way to break the chains of her cursed fate.

Undeterred by danger, she travels to the frozen northern wastes of the Spine of Winter, to a reclusive monastery whose monks guard a secret entrance to the Dragon Dream, the shared plane of consciousness of all Urden, living or long passed.

What she finds there will set her on a journey beyond where any mortals, and few dragons have tread, to uncover an ancient secret from the darkest corners of history. Continuing the epic journey of the cursed dragon princess and her fellow scoundrels in a world bent on undoing itself. 

Scales & Scoundrels: The Festival of Life includes all previously collected issues in this Definitive Edition, plus 250+ pages of new material.

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